Managed IT Services for Hedge Funds

Managed IT Services for Hedge Funds: Take Your Technology to New Heights with CEU

Hedge Funds today face escalating compliance requirements, increased security threats, and complex operational frameworks. A lot goes into managing the pool of investment funds and maximizing returns.

CEU Technologies brings the expertise and fully managed IT solutions to address these mounting challenges. For several decades, CEU Technologies has served several hedge funds from a truly unique perspective by taking that experience, dissecting it and building upon it to provide you with managed IT services that meet the IT needs of hedge funds.

Managed IT Services for Hedge Funds

CEU Understands the Complexity of Hedge Funds and The Hyper-Competitive Financial Climate

Many managed service providers do not fully understand the operational complexities of hedge funds, making them unprepared to handle the challenges of the future. We do.

The CEU team offers decades of experience meeting the IT needs of hedge funds and alternative investment companies.

Our team understands:

  • The strict regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Examination preparation for the Office of Compliance Inspection and Examination (OCIE)
  • Infrastructure redundancies and data components involved in hedge funds
  • The need for 24/7/365 availability — hedge funds are an industry where downtime is not an option
  • The above-normal cybersecurity initiatives and requirement to protect the firm’s data and investors’ investment a hedge fund needs

You can leverage our wealth of experience to design a perfect portfolio of hedge fund technology solutions that streamline the success of hedge funds.

We provide our clients with hedge fund IT and Managed Service Provider solutions from a truly unique perspective. You’ll get superior IT protection and performance that streamline hedge fund operations. Meeting high-return investor expectations, demanding financial regulators, and protecting a firm’s private and investment data is a tall order.

At CEU, we take tremendous pride in our IT security expertise. With several decades of combined experience in providing unique Hedge Fund IT support, we understand the crucial need to protect your firm’s investments and private data.

By combining cyber security, cloud solutions, and transformative technological capabilities with experts in Chicago, we ensure you have the IT solutions that stand out in a cut-throat competition.

The All-Round Platform for Hedge Fund Operations

To run hedge fund operations efficiently, we provide:

  • A platform that handles hedge funds’ front, middle, and back-office software and services
  • Enterprise-grades cloud services that deliver unlimited access to the firm’s IT resources, enterprise-grade to boost efficiency, since downtime isn’t an option in the hedge fund industry
  • A platform that enables hedge funds to easily navigate regulatory processes with the U.S.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • Security Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)
  • National Futures Association (NFA)
  • Municipal Security Rulemaking Board (MSRB)

Instead of spending on a traditional IT setup and expenses on ongoing staffing, CEU managed IT support will offer a flat-rate subscription. You’ll have a lower and more consistent total cost.

The Cloud Solution for Hedge Funds

To meet the demands of investors, the watchful eyes of regulators, and the changing economy, hedge funds need more sophisticated technology solutions than ever before. The requirement put pressure on IT teams to seek new ways to:

  • Remain compliant
  • Boost efficiency
  • Focus on the important strategic and growth goal of the firm

With such a formidable task — where downtime isn’t an option — cloud-based services are viable options for hedge funds.

Cloud computing allows hedge funds to:

  • Host services and software applications on the cloud for easy access and quick data transmission
  • Execute front, middle, and back-office functions from anywhere
  • Run client management system on the cloud
  • Execute data management solutions
  • Run accounting system on the cloud from anywhere
  • Have reliable cyber security

CEU cloud solutions provide ideal functions for hedge fund operations. Our cloud engineers will architect a cloud environment suitable for hedge funds peak operations without IT problems.

Managed Cybersecurity for Hedge Funds

Cyber security is a major focus in the hedge fund industry. Regulators also have a deep interest in understanding and assessing the resilience to cyber attacks of hedge fund firms. To enhance a firm’s cyber attack resilience, hedge funds firms need:

  • A tailored approach to cyber security
  • Frameworks to identify the key assets of the hedge fund firm
  • A list of practical cybersecurity actions

CEU’s managed cybersecurity solution deals with threats like spear-phishing and phishing, making hedge funds firms responsible for both investors’ money and other employees in the company.

For instance, we offer:

  • Cybersecurity training to employees to limit dangers of phishing that stems from human mistakes
  • Ransomeware protection to protect business information and keep operations running
  • End-point patching
  • Penetration testing to identify existing vulnerabilities in your network system that hackers could exploit
  • Real-time monitoring to check for malicious activity on your network or system
  • Regular patch management

With proactive cybersecurity management, CEU delivers solutions dealing with distinctive security challenges that confront hedge funds firms.

Hedge Funds Vulnerability Management

Every business struggles with security vulnerabilities, breaches, and exploits. CEU’s vulnerability management entails identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting security gaps in a hedge fund system and software that runs on it.

Vulnerability management helps your firm prioritize possible threats and minimize the attack surface. The vulnerability management services your get include:

  • Network scanning to identify open ports and services running on your IT system
  • Scanning remote log into your hedge fund system to gather detailed information
  • Comparing system information with known vulnerabilities in the financial industry
  • Evaluating the existing vulnerability in your hedge funds system
  • Treating the vulnerability through remediation, mitigation, or monitoring low-risk vulnerability
  • Patch management to fix security vulnerabilities, ensure your system uptime, remain compliant with regulatory bodies, and improve features of your system

With the speed of hedge funds’ operations, any security disruption would cause havoc in their operations.

CEU’s network security management service is backed by security operation centers that work 24/7/365 to uncover security vulnerabilities and address the potential risks.

Disaster Recovery for Hedge Funds

Planning for potential disruption allows hedge funds to be prepared for unexpected events. After all, it’s an industry that can’t afford system downtime.

However, hedge fund firms are like no other businesses. You need reliable disaster recovery services, and business continuity plans to avoid interruption to critical operations. A continuity plan entails components such as:

  • Recovery time objective — time you allocate for normal operations to resume after an outage
  • Recovery point  objective — time you allocate between data backups
  • Determining how much data loss is acceptable
  • Building an infrastructure to deploy the plan

Disasters may be unavoidable, but your firm can manage them. Your best option is to have a disaster recovery plan that entails:

  • Preventive measures
  • Ways to minimize the loss of crucial data
  • A roadmap for how and when to resume normal operations when disaster strikes

CEU Technologies will partner with your hedge fund firm to draft a disaster recovery plan that will ensure business continuity in the face of any IT storm.

Our disaster recovery services provide automated recovery of the firm’s system and minimize data loss to ensure business continuity even in the event of a disaster.

Communication and Collaboration For Hedge Funds

Communication and collaboration are all the rage among hedge fund executives. Your firm needs reliable communication and collaboration technology, especially with the prevailing shift to remote work.

CEU has expertise in delivering digital platforms such as:

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Sharepoints

The expertise allows us to integrate remote work and the technology allows your firm to:

  • Collaborate with select peers, sharing information with a few people you can trust
  • Collaborate as a team, work together with other employees without being physically together
  • Work in the cloud for easy data access and sharing
  • Co-work on data even when the involved parties are not physically together

The CEU team will offer communication and collaboration technology that will improve operational efficiency across all teams and locations of your hedge funds.

CEU Technologies Will Handle All Your Hedge Fund’s IT Needs

Protecting a financial institution against cyberattacks and requiring around-the-clock global support is a tall order. The CEU Technologies team is here to help you.

For COOs with CTO responsibilities, we’ll help you effectively manage your technology role. From our experience, we understand what it takes to manage risk and volatility, regulatory requirements, and investor needs.

It’s a formidable task, but that understanding serves as the foundation for all our Hedge Fund IT solutions.

Along with our unique advisory perspective — and because we treat ourselves just like we’re part of your hedge fund — CEU offers your firm several distinctive advantages.

Contact CEU Technologies to Get a Range of Individual IT Solutions

Depending on your hedge funds’ unique needs,  you can choose to get:

  • Remote and on-site IT support
  • Greater communication solutions between front, middle, and back-office functions
  • Collaboration technology that facilitates higher quality experiences with institutional client on-boarding and overall client service paves the way for longer AUM retention
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity that ensures secure remote connectivity without sacrificing the user experience and affecting workflows
  • Elimination of excess IT footprint by streamlining and consolidating duplicate systems and applications and creating the right system architecture

On top of the evolving investor demands and market volatility pressure, your hedge fund is dealing with scrutiny from regulators and cyber-attack threats. CEU Technologies will be your trusted partner to guide you and keep you on a stable and secure path. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your hedge fund in Chicago.

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