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Managed Azure Services

azure managed service


azure managed service

CEU Technologies leverages Microsoft Azure in order to deliver Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) in the Chicago area with the ability to run all or a portion of their computing infrastructure in the Cloud.  Microsoft Azure affords SMB’s a greater Return On Investment (ROI), Lower Total Cost of Ownership, and greater capacity to scale in the future. 

CEU Technologies Managed Azure Services are a comprehensive approach to supporting a Microsoft cloud based ecosystem. CEU can design, implement, and manage Azure Virtual Machines, Networks, and other Azure Services when moving your business to the Cloud.  

24/7 Professional Support

Azure Certified Professionals

Discovery Recover Planning

Design and Implementation of Hybrid Cloud Environments

Over a decade of supporting Microsoft environments.

With strategies designed specifically for your infrastructure and it’s needs.



With the extensive amount and technical experience in managing Microsoft environments, CEU Technologies has your Azure solution. Our team consists of engineers with Azure and Cloud experience. We can implement Azure strategies (strategies designed to leverage the Cloud and increase productivity) tailored to your specific business environment.



Microsoft Azure Services can make your business more efficient by providing system’s redundancy financially backed by a 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA). Azure Services can also be deployed in less time than it would take to implement the same services within your own office.



With the typical production lifetime of new hardware lasting 3-5 years, Microsoft Azure Services eliminate the capital expenses associated with hardware procurement. Instead, Microsoft Azure can turn that same 3-5-year capital expense into a monthly operating expense for your business. By housing many of the systems deployed within your office in the Cloud, cooling and electrical costs are also minimized.

Take advantage of the scalability and efficiency that Azure provides.

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