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Cloud Services For Chicago Organizations

Businesses depended on having their internal staff create extensive servers and components to build a secure and balanced structure. But the world is changing fast.

But the world is changing fast. Today’s IT structure, data storage, and business application profiles are completely different, and cloud services are offering improved flexibility and scalability as your business evolves. For that reason, many companies are finding ways to shift to the cloud for improved storage opportunities, scalability, and others services that the cloud offers.

Cloud Services For Chicago Organizations
Understanding Cloud Computing

Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to a group of services that provide a cost-effective solution to businesses to enhance their IT capacity and functionality. It is a network of servers linked via the web to share information, software, and resources.

Storage of all these resources shared in a network occurs in the cloud, with the cloud computing provider maintaining and controlling all that information. The internet connects all virtual and physical servers worldwide and ensures that all these resources stored in the cloud are available.

Cloud computing consists of the front end — comprising of clients accessing the internet for data — and the back end representing the side of a cloud computing provider, including programs, data storage systems, servers, and anything that facilitates different cloud computing services. What connects the two sections is the internet or network.

Cloud Computing Service Models

Based on the service models, cloud computing can either be IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), or SaaS (Software as a Service).

as a Service

With SaaS, a business gets the end product such as software or application, which they can purchase directly on a pay-per-use or subscription model. The business does not maintain any equipment but has control over the software environment. It is a valuable tool for applications that requires a lot of web or mobile access and a CRM system.

as a Service

This cloud service model provides the fundamental infrastructure of operating systems, data storage drives, networks, and virtual servers. Businesses get this service on a pay-as-you-go basis and won’t need to have hardware in their office.

as a Service

A company receives a pre-built platform and can deploy its codes and applications. The service is flexible, and businesses only need to manage the applications and the codes. It is ideal, especially when a business needs to leverage an existing data source or has multiple developers working on one project.

Why Choose Our Cloud Services

Flexibility and Scalability

At CEU Technologies, we understand the challenge of keeping up with the changing demands of your IT and telecommunications infrastructure. Our professionals work with you to establish the exact combination of solutions that meet and exceed your company goals while offering a flexible and cost-effective recommendation that considers future growth goals.

Improved Data Storage and Security

Due to the increasing cyberattacks across industries, you want assurance that you can restore your sensitive business and customer data in case of an incident. At CEU Technologies, we help you securely create responsive data storage.

Affordable Cloud Services

Data storage and server buildouts are expensive systems if you are not utilizing them fully. Our cloud services ensure your business only pays for the required capacity when you need it.

Why Choose Our Cloud Services
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Enhanced Customer Experience and Staff Productivity

We understand that customers need assurance that they can access the information quickly. That is why our cloud services entail offering secure and consistent data storage accessible from remote locations, whether you want to enhance customer experience or provide your remote staff with a secure portal to maintain a high level of productivity.

When you have the right technology resources, you can make your business more reliable to customers and reduce the effort and time you spend remediating your infrastructure. CEU Technologies partners with you to ensure your business’s IT and telecommunications infrastructure is fully secure and ready to handle the pressures of a growing business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our specialists at CEU Technologies.