Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning: A Brief Guide

Many professionals and business leaders are used to the rhythms and routines of their workplace as they rarely anticipate any disruptions. However, when troubles occur, they are thrown into a state of confusion and chaos. The hallmark of business leadership is contingent on the ability to prepare for such disruptions by creating strategies and plans to keep the business functional even under pressure. This article briefly highlights the differences between business continuity and disaster recovery and how the two are crucial to any business leader.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

What is a Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan?

These two concepts are at the center of any business’s ability to deliver its products or services reliably. Despite complimenting each other, the two concepts vary significantly in definition and scope, as explained below.

  • A Business Continuity Plan refers to the outline of how a business will continue to function during and after or in the midst of a disaster. It includes contingency plans for the company’s future operations, even if it means changing locations.
  • A Disaster Recovery Plan outlines possible responses that a business puts in place to deal with catastrophic events like natural disasters, cyber-attack, terrorism, among others. It involves responses taken by a company in the event of a disaster to return to normalcy in its operations.

Similarities Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

As mentioned, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery have some similarities that make it easier to integrate them for the prosperity of any business. Below are three essential similarities that make the two concepts complementary:

  • These two are proactive strategies for preparing a business for disruptions. They seek to minimize the impact of a catastrophe before it materializes, thereby taking a preemptive approach.
  • Both are crucial in preparing for ecological or human-made disasters. They are essential in preparing for pandemics, wildfires, natural disasters, etc.
  • They both require regular review and revision to ensure that they are up to date with the company’s ever-changing goals.

Differences Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Despite being used synonymously at times, the two concepts differ significantly. Below are some of the visible differences:

  • A Business Continuity plan aims to keep a business functional amid a disaster, whereas a Disaster Recovery plan focuses on restoring IT infrastructure, data, and access after a disaster.
  • While a Business Continuity plan limits operational downtime, a Disaster Recovery plan limits abnormal system functions.
  • A Business Continuity plan ensures continuous functionality of communication methods during a disaster. On the other hand, a Disaster Recovery plan provides complete recovery of functionality after the disaster.

Therefore, an organization must incorporate these two concepts in its crisis management to ensure the sustainability of its business.

Importance of Planning Ahead

Lack of plans can be catastrophic to businesses whenever disasters strike. The most obvious impact is a massive financial loss but unprecedentedly crucial and sensitive data. Financial loss always leads to other effects like layoff of employees to ensure that the business remains afloat. The importance of planning is that it helps minimize the dire impacts. Secondly, it helps boost the morale and esteem of the workers, since employees feel more comfortable in the workplace due to clear policies on crisis management. Lastly, planning is essential in saving any business’ finances and the workforce it could lose in case of poor response.

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Business continuity and disaster recovery plans are essential aspects of crisis management for any business enterprise. They help minimize the impact of disasters if they occur and boost employees’ esteem. Therefore, they should be integrated into a formidable crisis management strategy for any business, despite the differences. Are you in search of crisis management strategies? Would you like to develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans? Look no more; CEU Technologies are here to provide the answers you need. For more information, you can Contact Us.

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