Chicago IT Support Services For Banking and Financial Services Firms

Chicago IT Support Services For Banking and Financial Services Firms

The financial services and banking sectors face competitive, regulatory, and cybersecurity challenges unlike any other sector. The industries are undergoing an unprecedented force of change – whether it’s strict compliance regulations, fierce competition, or ever-evolving customer needs. Therefore, financial institutions are looking to implement the best IT services to gain customer trust, improve efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Technology has always played a vital role in the growth of financial organizations. It has helped turn long transactions into smaller ones. Technology also paves the way for better service quality and a greater sense of satisfaction for customers. While every industry undergoes some form of disruption in the wake of change and the implementation of new technology, financial technology has quickly transformed the financial services industry from top to bottom.

While financial organizations will always have the same operational issues of keeping customers happy and gaining an edge over the competition, IT issues continue to be a major concern in the financial industry. From cybersecurity threats to meeting compliance and regulatory requirements, financial organizations must keep IT in mind to effectively operate in the new tech-centered world.

Reliable IT Support for Chicago’s Financial and Banking Sectors

Increase the security of your financial institution or bank with enterprise-level IT support. How can your organization maintain security and compliance while leveraging new technology? With cybersecurity threats becoming more advanced and difficult to spot, your financial institution or bank must be fully secure. However, we understand that doing so is no easy task. CEU Technologies helps our banking clients improve data security and we make sure their internal processes are more efficient.

What IT support services do CEU Technologies offer to our clients?

  • Managed IT Services Monitoring and securing your IT systems to ensure they are running smoothly
  • Cloud Services We ensure you make the most of your cloud solutions
  • IT Implementation – We plan and execute your IT implementation

Our clients experience a range of benefits by partnering with us for their IT support. Here are some of the most common:

  • Clear Strategic Approach– Is your internal IT staff spending too much time on support tickets? Are critical initiatives being put on hold for lack of capacity? By outsourcing IT support, your staff will free up time to focus more on mission-critical objectives.
  • Optimized IT Spending – Do you have a clear view of your IT infrastructure? If you don’t, it will be very easy to overpay for services you may not need while failing to invest in the services you do need. Partnering with CEU Technologies makes it easier to invest wisely in your IT.
  • Following Best Practices – Our clients have immediate access to our experts and specialists, which has proven invaluable in this industry. We ensure you have access to best practices and industry knowledge.
  • Compliance with Regulations – We are aware of the rapidly shifting regulatory landscapes in the financial sector, even those that indirectly impact the industry. We have an expert-level understanding of how these regulations impact your IT infrastructure.

How Do We Keep Your Financial Organization’s Data Secure?

We provide enterprise-level security solutions that include implementing, maintaining, monitoring, and responding to incidents. Whether you need to fully outsource your IT, or you need support for your internal IT staff, CEU Technologies provides scalable capabilities tailored for your organization’s unique needs.

  • Network Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Incident Response
  • Managed Firewall and Antivirus Protection
  • Data Encryption
  • Continuous Monitoring

How Do We Ensure Your IT Infrastructure Is Efficient and Reliable?

Your infrastructure dictates how well your staff and your organization will perform. A robust network infrastructure ensures that your mission-critical financial data services are attainable, secure, and operates at a flawless speed, so your staff and your customers get access to the data they need, whenever they need it.

How Do We Make Sure Your Sensitive Emails Are Encrypted and Protected?

Banks and other financial institutions send and receive countless emails daily. What percentage of the emails you send and receive is secure? You don’t want your employees to open emails with malicious attachments from sources they are not familiar with. CEU Technologies ensures that all of your emails are secure with end-to-end encryption and that they are free from malware and other viruses, so emails can be safely sent and received.

How Do We Make Sure Your Organization Is Complying with Industry Standards?

We ensure your organization is in compliance with industry standards by balancing IT management and IT security. From GDPR and other Data Privacy Regulations, we have the skills and experience needed to keep your systems and data within the expected framework. Our compliance reporting solutions help banks and financial service organizations comply with various regulatory requirements while enabling them to report their business and operational risks when needed.

How CEU Technologies Supports Chicago’s Financial Institutions

With CEU Technologies, you are getting a partner in IT and security. We can support your financial institution in various ways:

Helping Maintain Compliance

When we think of banking and financial institutions, one of the first things that come to mind is compliance. Banking and financial institutions are subject to stringent compliance standards from the federal government. Banking and financial institutions must also comply with state regulations regarding backups and disaster recovery plans, cybersecurity, and data procedures.

CEU Technologies can help your financial institution ensure that it is always maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations to avoid fines and penalties.

Improving Overall Security

Financial institutions must take various measures to secure day-to-day operations and sensitive data if they want to offer their customers an enjoyable banking experience. Due to the valuable data that financial organizations hold, they continue to rank at the top of the list targets for cyberattacks and data breaches.

Preventing cyberattacks and data breaches means financial organizations must implement robust security measures around data protection, email, cloud services, mobile security, and more. We put these protections in place and design a comprehensive security strategy to protect your assets. We also make sure that your organization is applying all the necessary patches and updates to keep your systems secure.

We also provide consulting services and training for end-users, ensuring they are always aware of phishing emails, ransomware attacks, and other cybercrime that could threaten your business operations.

Minimizing IT Downtime

Whether your organization briefly loses its network connection or experiences a complete system shutdown due to the acts of a cybercriminal, any period of downtime can negatively impact your operations and your customers’ experience, especially in an industry where customers are relying on mobile applications and online portals to access their data, receive payments, make transfers, and more.

CEU Technologies ensures that there are security measures and a backup and disaster plan in place to minimize downtime from threats or eliminate downtime entirely.

Providing A Competitive Edge

We are aware of the high level of competition in the banking and financial sector. There are different types of institutions and financial services that attract consumers for a variety of reasons.

We will guide your organization in deploying the best systems and security measures that fit your unique needs so you can maintain efficiency and provide more improved and secure services.

Partnering with CEU Technologies for Industry Leading IT Support

Between updating antivirus protection and firewalls, deploying new technologies, and avoiding phishing attempts, you may find yourself strapped for capacity. Unfortunately, this can lead to you operating under the reactive model, which will only hurt your operations, efficiency, and productivity. When your IT operations begin to suffer, these could be warning signs that your organization is in need of cutting-edge IT support that will meet the current and future needs of your organization:

  • You do not have a backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Security is not a part of your IT strategy
  • Your systems are not being properly managed
  • Some IT applications are not being accounted for
  • Your employees do not know how to handle cyber threats
  • Your systems and applications are not updated regularly

CEU Technologies has comprehensive experience working with clients in the financial industry. We have become a trusted partner for many financial institutions in Chicago, equipping them with the resources they need to safeguard their organization and excel in the industry.

Our experts stay up to date with the latest technologies, cyber threats, and compliance requirements for the banking industry so that our clients can focus on what they do best — providing financial services for their customers. When you partner with us, you will have a team of professionals on your side, each with their own unique skillsets and experience. CEU Technologies knows what it takes to secure your systems while protecting and growing your financial organization.

When you are in need of a knowledgeable partner, you’ll find no better partner than CEU Technologies. We understand the industry and we are always looking for new solutions that our clients can use, and we think ahead. We provide IT support that is scalable and applicable, ensuring that our clients are always prepared for what’s to come.

Do you want to learn more about what we can do for you? Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your no-obligation consultation. We are the provider you can trust to support your IT needs.

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