Chicago IT Services for the Banking and Financial Sectors

Chicago IT Services for the Banking and Financial Sectors

As a financial services organization, you know how much you depend on technology to conduct your day-to-day business operations. That is why it’s so critical for you to invest in a dedicated IT infrastructure that is able to meet the demands of your staff and your customers. Some financial services organizations have the resources and staff to meet their demands in-house, while others outsource some or all of their operations.

CEU Technologies revolutionizes critical activities with easy-to-integrate solutions. With a combination of people and IT services for finance, risk and compliance, and beyond, we help Chicago financial services organizations transform and build long-term value.

Building a Competitive Advantage with IT Services in Chicago From CEU Technologies

The financial services sector is becoming more reliant on complex technologies to meet the rising demands of staff and customers. However, the constricting labor market is making it challenging to hire and retain top IT talent. While financial institutions are utilizing complex business processes and systems, in-house teams are struggling to adapt to emerging trends, shifting customer demands, compliance and regulatory requirements, and the ever-growing cybersecurity threats.

CEU Technologies’ Chicago IT services improve the overall health of your IT infrastructure. Your financial services organization has unique and complex technological needs and you are faced with challenges not typical of most organizations. In the fast-paced, ever-changing financial sector, your technology needs to maintain pace. Respond to evolving compliance and regulatory requirements and security concerns while increasing productivity and enhancing the customer experience with strategies and solutions that work for your business.

Manage your IT with CEU Technologies and have an infrastructure that is secure, reliable, scalable, and tailored to your needs for maximum efficiency. Our specialized IT services also help Chicago financial services, hedge fund groups, and other financial organizations mitigate security issues, ensuring your continuity while ensuring you are complying with all regulatory and industry requirements. We help transform your IT infrastructure with evolving technology, allowing you to build a competitive advantage.

Financial Transactions Rely on a Solid IT Infrastructure

Financial services organizations are in the business of moving money, but trust is the key to success in the financial industry. CEU Technologies provides you with the solutions you need to build and maintain confidence in your operations. Our proven IT services help financial services organizations ensure compliance, protect their network and critical data, optimize device deployment, and more. Rely on CEU Technologies as your all-in-one solution for your end-to-end IT needs.

Manage your IT for maximum productivity 
We configure your IT infrastructure for supreme performance, giving you a framework for running critical applications without IT disruptions.

Integrate your IT services into an easy-to-manage platform
We help standardize your processes and ensure scalability is always within reach.

Automate IT tasks to reduce costs
We will manage, monitor, and configure your IT environment to ensure optimal performance, compliance, security, and growth.

Strengthen your networks and data against cybersecurity threats
From anti-virus protection and intrusion prevention systems to access and security controls, we reduce your exposure to cybersecurity threats and data breaches.

Strengthen Your Chicago Financial Institution with Our IT Services

Our comprehensive IT services include:

  • Remote Monitoring –We remotely and proactively monitor your systems for any problems and resolve them quickly.
  • Patch and Update Management – We review, test, and install application updates and patches to help keep your systems secure and up to date.
  • On-site support– If we can’t resolve your issue remotely, we will come to you.
  • Cybersecurity – Our layered approach to cybersecurity helps to protect your business from cyber threats

Proactive Network Monitoring 

It isn’t enough to have robust hardware and applications to create a reliable infrastructure. The world of IT is shifting and new threats are being introduced every day. Devices and applications are being updated regularly and are being designed to require more advanced systems to fully operate. With the adjustments that need to be made, your hands are always full as you inspect your solutions to ensure they are properly updated.

CEU Technologies ensures that your network runs as it should, with minimal downtime.

No network is error-free. To minimize the risk of IT disruptions and costly downtime, our IT team will monitor your network and its components, including:

  • The highest level of network traffic your system can maintain
  • Your business-critical systems and their capabilities
  • User profiles and security permissions

By partnering with CEU Technologies, your efficiency and productivity will improve, allowing you to fulfill your objectives with minimal disruptions.

Network Security Services

While you already have a dedicated IT staff, they are likely not able to provide all the needed services around the clock. Splitting up your resources will not be enough because your staff will have even more difficulties meeting objectives with less time, decreasing their efficiency and productivity. CEU Technologies offers network security services, such as advanced threat protection and intrusion detection. With our network security services, you can have peace of mind in knowing that a skilled and experienced team is working to detect weaknesses in your network.

Server and Application Monitoring

Financial services organizations would not be able to operate without servers and applications. If your organization experiences any period of downtime with the server or applications, you will not be able to provide your services. To ensure this does not happen, we proactively monitor your entire ecosystem to ensure that your components are always functioning.

  • We monitor for alerts, errors, and potential issues.
  • Through process management, we are able to speed up the fault mitigation process.
  • We monitor your server and forecast potential disruption.
  • Our optimized solutions will reduce the occurrence of impairments.

Storage Management

Our storage management solution creates storage strategies that help protect and secure your sensitive and confidential data.

Application Management

Our application management solution is tailored to fit your unique needs, ensuring your applications can be used to improve efficiency and performance.

Database Management

Our database management solution ensures optimum database security and management of patches and upgrades for your financial institution’s database.

Cloud Services

Your staff most likely uses the cloud, whether you have officially implemented it or not. Protect your business by utilizing a comprehensive cloud solution. By partnering with CEU Technologies, we will guide you in selecting and deploying the cloud solutions that best fit your unique needs.

CEU Technologies’ Compliance and Cybersecurity Solutions

For organizations in the financial sector, technology must be compliant with industry rules and regulations. To ensure the success of financial institutions in Chicago, we have designed our IT solutions with knowledge of industry regulations, compliance, and security.

A poor IT infrastructure can not only lead to security risks, but it will stall productivity for the entire organization. Not every network solution is designed to meet the growing demands of your business operations. Financial institutions that have remote and hybrid work models must have a robust infrastructure that can support external access with no problems, including the protection that is needed to mitigate the risk of external threats. Our cybersecurity consultants are ready to guide you in the deployment of these systems.

Protect your organization from cyber threats with a layered approach to security, strengthened by our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and consulting. It’s no longer a question of if you will be targeted by cybercriminals, but when. Protect your networks, your sensitive data, and your reputation with our cybersecurity solutions.

  • Monitor and manage your entire IT infrastructure 24/7
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Managed Firewalls with Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Software and security patching
  • Multi-factor authentication implementation
  • Antivirus tools and malware protection

Why CEU Technologies As Your Chicago IT Services Partner?

Very few transactions at a financial institution will be possible without a solid IT infrastructure. From the day-to-day customer experiences at the counter to the security tasks that take place behind the scenes to the compliance and audits, financial institutions rely on their networks and their technology. As a result, more financial institutions are seeking professional IT services in Chicago.

We work with our clients to ensure their mission-critical business applications and office locations are always connected and secure. We ensure our IT solutions are compliant with all regulations, and we can help your organization meet these strict requirements as well. We give our clients (and their internal IT staff) the ability to focus on key objectives and growth initiatives. Our clients no longer have to worry about being trapped in an endless cycle of patches and upgrades, service disruptions, compliance mishaps, data breaches, or other IT troubles. With CEU Technologies, these issues are effectively managed or completely eliminated.

We create a strategic plan that ensures our clients get the most possible value out of their IT infrastructure while meeting all their business needs, business goals, and business objectives. Our compliance and security expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to clients all play an important role in keeping our clients’ technology running smoothly so that they can concentrate on their customers.

Many organizations in the financial industry are struggling to keep up with ever-changing technology. Your organization doesn’t have to be one of them. Enhance your financial IT services with CEU Technologies. Contact our Chicago IT services team today to schedule a consultation.

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