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CEU Technologies provides network security services for organizations throughout Chicago and the Chicagoland area.

Network Security Services In Chicago

CEU Technologies knows the need for network and cyber security for your business has always been a priority for you. However, the skills, techniques, and targets of cybercriminals are ever-evolving and progressing.

As businesses and industries move more and more information to cloud-based systems, hackers are provided with multiple avenues to steal information, commit fraud, and extort funds. Cybercriminals have increased in both their skill and sophistication over the last decade, no longer just trying to build a reputation amongst other hackers but now doing some serious damage to businesses and industries both large and small. (Remember when our fuel distribution system was hacked in 2021, and fuel deliveries were disrupted all along the east coast?) Hackers are more organized, technically savvy, inventive, and bold. Now, hackers are targeting the financial sector, political targets, commercial businesses, and more.

The ability to garner personal information from the commercial industry is more prolific than ever. The black market has exploded with cybercriminals stealing and selling banking data, social security numbers, and more to a wide range of buyers. Information has been stolen from small, family-run businesses and large international corporations alike.

Network Security In Chicago

Luckily, our cyber defenses continue to evolve as well. CEU Technologies works hand in hand with top financial services, banking, investment, and other industries to give businesses more tools to defend their networks.

CEU Technologies Offers Various Levels Of Network Security

  • Managed Antivirus and Spyware Software
  • Firewalls
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Web Protection
  • Continuous Training
  • Email Security and Archiving
  • Data Encryption
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Analytics

CEU Technologies Promise To Our Clients In Chicago

We recognize that hackers will continue to search for vulnerabilities within your organization. Ensuring your business is secure and protected against hackers and viruses is our number one priority.

CEU Technologies utilizes a combination of network policies, software, and hardware strategically layered to keep your network safe.  By offering better training and the newest technologies, we will continue to find new defenses. We’ll work to consistently provide the most innovative security solutions for small to medium-sized businesses while making sure your company meets the mandatory regulatory compliance.

With our Network Security Services, your company is protected against business disruptions, keeping your employees and company productive no matter what risks present themselves.

Chicago Network Security Services
Network Security Solutions Chicagoland

What Your Chicago Organization Can Expect

Your on-site IT staff are unable to provide all of your required IT services around the clock.  CEU Technologies offers network security services, such as advanced threat protection and intrusion detection, which will work hand in hand with your current IT team.

With our network security services, you can have peace of mind in knowing we will:

  • Take care of managing your technology so that you can get back to managing your company
  • Offer a complete menu of services and support for your small and mid-sized business
  • Give you personalized account management and budget-friendly options
  • Provide access to the same IT services as large businesses

Full-system Monitoring

Additionally, we monitor your entire operation to ensure that your server and cloud-based components are always functioning.

  • Monitor for alerts, errors, and potential issues.
  • Monitor servers and forecast potential disruption.

Cloud Services

Companies in 2022 need to use a cloud-based system in order to align their business models with current technology. We will protect your business by utilizing a comprehensive cloud solution that best fits your unique needs and protects sensitive information.

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CEU Technologies
Chicago Network Security Team

If you are finding that your business is struggling to keep up with ever-changing technology or compliance issues, we would love to help.  Enhance your IT services and network security options with CEU Technologies. Contact our Chicago IT services team today to schedule a consultation and discuss your company’s network security today.