Working from Home Long Term? Transition Seamlessly with a Trusted IT Partner.

COVID-19 has forced many adjustments in the workforce. Most, if not all, companies have transitioned to working from home. This change of pace can be challenging, especially for those who are part of an “old school” company. With this change, it is important for your company to have a trusted IT system in place to communicate and work securely while remote.

Although we may think of COVID as a temporary part of our lives, it is also important to understand how it has changed the workforce by pushing companies to realize that they can operate at their full potential remotely.

Is your company prepared to continue working from home long-term? If that answer is “no,” CEU Technologies is here to help make the transition seamless. We are here for all of your IT needs, whether that be transferring to Cloud Services, Data Recovery and Backup, Network Security, and the list goes on.

CEU has helped numerous organizations to make the paradigm shift smoothly and your company could be next. Read below for details on what CEU has to offer.

“Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy utilizes CEU Technologies as our full service third party IT organization.”

“We’ve enjoyed a terrific partnership for many, many years. The attention to detail, fast and urgent response times and quality of service we are getting is a major asset for our organization. These individuals bring great expertise, a great attitude and truly care and drive to make our IT operations both highly effective and highly efficient. I strongly recommend their services.”

Network Security

When working from home it is important to ensure that your servers and database are secure. Cybercriminals are on the prowl and they are unrelenting. With CEU Technologies, you don’t have to worry about the security of your systems, we offer multiple layers of network security to ensure that your company’s data is well guarded.

Restricted Access to Important Files

Important files should be accessed by only select employees. The more people your files are accessible to, the higher the chances of their security being compromised. CEU can help you restrict access to selected files in your system.

Cloud Services

Moving your system to the Cloud will allow your staff the capabilities to log in to the system from anywhere at any time, giving employees time and location flexibility. Aside from this, moving to the cloud will lower your IT costs.

Company Expansion

CEU wants to see your business thrive. Of course, expansion will lead to the need of more resources. CEU Technologies makes this easy, we will make provision for easy expansion and upgrade.

Managed IT Services

CEU provides behind the scenes continual IT services to ensure that everything is running smoothly. We run a very fast paced service, your company will never have to miss a beat. 

CEU will smoothly transition your team to a Cloud Service, Provide IT security, and IT services all on a single monthly bill. For more information and help transitioning to working from home, visit our website linked below.