Cyber Warfare Protection Services In Chicago

Cyber Warfare Protection Services In Chicago

Contrary to popular belief, cyber warfare is an imminent and present danger that every organization is facing. Ideally, the concept of cyber terrorism looks unreal. Still, with the current interconnected world, various security flaws exist that can make it an unfortunate reality. Organizations require robust cyber warfare protection to be secure.

Digital transformation offers convenience to all consumers with e-commerce and mobile apps. The evolution of the cloud and the current shift to remote work is a boon for performance and productivity. However, for most cybercriminals, the modern internet offers a highway to further their cause, whether for financial gain, government influence, or political instability.

With CEU Technologies, you will solve the toughest IT business challenges and make plans to ensure your business runs continuously. We help organizations in Chicago protect themselves against cyber warfare using comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for both application and data security. Having robust security and treating your business will enable you to fuel prosperity and success.

Cyber Warfare Solutions Chicago

Why Choose CEU As Your Chicago Cyber Warfare Protection Services Company?

One of the most critical factors for any company’s success in the current business landscape is the capability of its IT department. The productivity of employees depends on the security of company data and how they can use it to manage growth.

With various cybersecurity issues looming in the vicinity, ensuring that company security standards are optimum would be best. CEU Technologies offers security solutions that are unique to your business needs.

Expert IT Service

We are a premier cybersecurity service provider with years of experience offering Chicago-based businesses up-to-date and sophisticated IT security solutions to keep you secure.


Every tech problem requires a solution to maintain the integrity of your systems. It is best to get a reliable and affordable solution to identify your issues before they cause problems.

Quality Solutions

You will work with our top-trained technicians who are focused on learning more about your business and tackling your specific security needs. Such a customized approach ensures you are always secure and eliminates all cyber warfare cases.

Network Assessment

We have a free and reliable Network Assessment that offers you a clear picture of your infrastructure. We use the assessment to learn the various areas to determine your desired network performance.

CEU Cyber Warfare Protection

CEU Technologies offers several security solutions to cater to your business applications, microservices, and APIs. They include:

  • Web Application Firewall: We use this world-class web traffic analysis for all your applications to prevent attacks.
  • Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP): The best way to stop external attacks has real-time attack detection to prevent application downtime from wherever you are operating.
  • API Security: With automated API protection, you can keep all your API endpoints secure as they get published to shield your applications from exploitation.
  • DDoS Protection: You can secure your cloud-based and on-premise assets regardless of where they are hosted- Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Public Cloud. This protection also blocks attack traffic that could penetrate your business and eliminate continuity with guaranteed uptime and no impact on operations.
  • Advanced Bot Protection: Businesses have various access points like mobile apps, websites, and APIs vulnerable to attacks. Advanced bot protection will give you seamless visibility and complete control over bot traffic to eliminate online fraud via account takeover or competitive pricing.
  • Client-Side Protection: You can eliminate risk from supply chain fraud, client-side attacks, and data breaches, by gaining visibility over third-party JavaScript.
  • Attack Analytics: Businesses can ensure complete visibility with domain expertise and machine learning across application security stack to identify patterns in detecting noise and application attacks. You’ll quickly isolate and prevent attack campaigns.

CEU Data Security Services

CEU Technologies offers protection to your business cloud-based data stores to preserve the agility and cost benefits you achieve from cloud investments. Our top data security services include:

  • Cloud data security: Our data security services help secure your cloud databases to catch up or keep up with DevOps. Additionally, our solution enables cloud-managed services to gain rapid visibility and control of your cloud data.
  • Data risk analysis: We automate the detection of risky, non-compliant, or malicious data access behavior across all databases to accelerate remediation.
  • Database security: CEU Technologies offers protection, analysis, and response across various data assets on the cloud or on-premise. It gives you enough risk visibility to prevent data breaches and avoid compliance incidents.

2022 Is a Make-Or-Break Year for Chicago Businesses

Over the past few years, cyber warfare has been on the rise. Recently, Amazon prevented the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in internet history. During this time, e-commerce security announced the attack as a significant warning, and businesses should not ignore it.

However, in 2022, it is not only e-commerce security that businesses should think about. The looming political unrest between various superpowers is becoming popular with predictions of a “Cyber Cold War.”

In October 2021, the White House National Security Council hosted an online meeting to forge a global Counter-Ransomware Initiative. The meeting was the first step to creating a unified defensive front and law enforcement collaboration against cybersecurity issues like the illicit use of cryptocurrencies.

Hackers that have infiltrated the highest levels of government are now taking out banks, critical infrastructure, hospitals, and transportation hubs. The scenario may seem farfetched, but it is very possible today. Technological advancements with political unrest continue to fray international relations, especially between powerful countries. This requires organizations to require better protection of their systems from attack.

Combating cyberspace issues is challenging as they are unpredictable. The good news is every indicator provides necessary lessons for security teams. It is essential to work with firms with experience to enable you to get reliable security for your enterprise.

Working at CEU will ensure you achieve these security benefits with relentless dedication to understanding every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

If you find your Chicago business struggling with the ever-changing technology, compliance, and security issues, we are willing to help. Our enhanced IT services and network security options suit your unique needs and protect your sensitive information. Contact our Chicago IT services team today to discuss your company’s network security.

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